Bolok Rockheart


Race: Half-Orc
Age: 42
Height: 6’10
Weight: 380
Hair: Long War Braids
Eye: Blue Green
Armor: Studded Leather Armor
Weapon: 2 Normal Swords
Ac: 13
Hp: 338


Bolok woke up one day not knowing what happened to him. He just woke up and started to do what ever he had to to survive. Thankfully he found a small group that accepted him in and with joining the group he started to learn the art of Fighting by a rather strange Orc. The Orc could drink Barrels of ale in seconds and still be able to beat down even the strongest of men. He soon learned that the Orc that was training him did not use a sword or hammers. Instead he used his gloves which had sharp spikes on the knuckles. Even though his trainer only used his Gloves, he was still very skilled with all weapons. He would push Bolok hard to learn all weapons as he had once done. So that one day Bolok could then choose which type of weapon he wanted to use most.

After time training and adventures gone, Bolok finally found out what he had been wondering for so long…. Who was his family and where did he come from. They came upon an Ancient elderly Wizard who could see as far back as time it’s self, and after solving the Ancient Wizards riddles was he finally able to ask his most wondered question. The Wizard went on to tell him that his father was none other than the man who had been training him for a little over a year. As for his mother, she was a priestess in a small village over the water. In disbelief he turned and looked at his trainer who he now knows is his father. Molok stood there in disbelief as well for he knows the woman in which the Wizard spoke, but he had never known of her having his child. Bolok set out in order to reconnect with his mother, and to his surprise his ally’s came with him, along with his dad.

Bolok after training and finding things out ended up being very good at what he use to do. After his ally’s and himself were asked by the King to help defend them against the Second world war of the races, he decided to retire from the life of Adventuring, he has also seem to have disappeared. If you do find him you may never know it was him.

As for loved ones, he never settled down and doesn’t have any children that he knows of. His dad Molok is said to still able to be found in town bar drinking. His mother was last known still taking care of the Villages near where she lives. Although getting up in age both his mom and dad are still rumored to be living.

Bolok Rockheart

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