Two Coins


Race: Human
Age: 21
Weight: 206
Hair: Black
Eye: Blue
Armor: Leather
Ac: 16
Hp: 13
Class: Fighter
Background: Pirate


Recen Waters is the son of Tavern wench, from a sea side city. This tavern was frequented by pirates. Recen suspects his father may one of them.
When Recen was little, he entered a swimming contest. He saved a son of pirate from drowning, but lost the race. The prize for the contest was gold coin, and for appreciation, the pirate gave him two coins. He bragged a little too much and was soon labeled “Two Coins”.
As there is little for a young man to do for a living, many men escaped to the sea. As soon as he was old enough, Two Coins left for the sea and soon joined the crew of that same pirate. Two Coins did well as a pirate and gained the respect of the crew. Most of them anyway. The first mate was more interested in blood than booty. He soon killed the captain and took his post. He was cruel and made life hard for the crew and fatal for any that the ship came upon.
One night on watch Two Coins prayed to the north star for guidance. The north star answered. The ship was soon attached by demons. The ship was torn apart and many died. Two Coins, the captain, and a few others survived. Two coins took the opportunity to escape. Not before taking the glass eye from the unconscious captain.
Snice that day Two Coins often dreams of demons at night and spends his days looking over his shoulder for a certain one-eye pirate. He hopes to one own his own ship, but for now is trying avoid the reputation of killer.

Two Coins

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